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 Mykonos is known as the 'island of wind' and what the wind blows in is an eclectic, international mix of visitors, many of whom return year after year, that alone says a lot. There is a certain charm combined with an attitude that embraces everyone, from all walks of life. Many visitors say that Mykonos represents a freedom that they haven/t found elsewhere. Come to experience the beautiful beaches (gay, family, nudity-tolerant, watersports or party), the incredible nightlife, the non-stop parties or just to relax on this Greek island that's like no other.

Mykonos Island, reached by air or sea, is located near the sacred islands of Delos and the lesser known Rhenia, all part of the grouping of Greek islands known as the Cyclades. According to mythology, Delos is the birthplace of the god Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis. Daily trips to experience the ancient ruins of Delos are accessible from Mykonos.


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